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The County of Bath has created an email for Public Comment on Public Notices advertised in local newspapers or posted on the County’s Facebook page or website.  If you would like to have your voice heard but are uncomfortable attending a county meeting, please email: [email protected].  We will then forward your email to the Bath County Supervisors. 

Short Term Rental Ordinance  

Scheduled Meetings:

Public Notice of a Meeting of the Bath-Highland Network Authority
On July 11th, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., the Bath-Highland Network Authority will hold a meeting at the Bolar Ruritan Club, 38 Bolar Ln Monterey, VA 24465. For more information about the meeting, please contact Ms. Hunter Moore at 540-885-5174 or [email protected]


The Bath County Board of Supervisors will hold their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 12th at 6 p.m. in the General District Courtroom of the Bath County Courthouse. 


Bath County Economic Development Authority will hold their regular monthly meeting Wednesday, July 13th at 5 the meeting room of the Bath County Historical Society.

Public Information and Agendas



The Bath County Board of Supervisors has retained Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd., to perform the County’s 2022 General Reassessment, effective July 1, 2022.  The County is on a 6-year reassessment cycle. Wampler – Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd. conducted the last reassessment in Bath County that was effective January 1, 2017. Wampler-Eanes specializes in reassessments for ad valorem tax purposes.

The purpose of the reassessment is to reflect 100 percent fair market value, as required by State law, and to obtain uniformity, assuring that properties of similar type and value carry similar assessments. Members of the reassessment team will begin visiting properties on or before September 1, 2021.  Visits to individual properties will continue through Spring 2022. The field assessments are expected to be completed before April 30, 2022.  

Assessors will be carrying photo ID’s and will have magnetic ‘County Reassessment’ signs on their vehicles.   Assessors will also practice social distancing and follow CDC recommended safety protocols related to COVID-19.  “We want to alert the public to this, because our assessors and data collectors will be coming to resident’s homes and to county businesses to view and assess all buildings, dwellings and the overall property.  Assessors will take exterior pictures and measurements while visiting properties,” said Steven I. Wampler, President of Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd.  “It is the Assessor’s purpose to collect sufficient data to determine the fair market value of each property.  Our ultimate goal is to get a good, accurate, and equitable assessment of all real estate in the County,” said Wampler. 

The home office of Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd. is located in Daleville, Virginia.  The owners, Steven I. Wampler and Gary L. Eanes have performed 128 reassessments in 51 Virginia and North Carolina localities over the last 25 years.

Press Only Contact:    Steven I. Wampler, CRA

                                    Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd.

                                    [email protected]

                                    540-992-2323  Ext 303

General Information:

Bath-Highland Broadband Report Abstract - To request a complete copy of the Bath-Highland Broadband Report, please contact the County Administrator's Office at 540-839-7221.

Bath-Highland Broadband Report

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