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The County of Bath is looking for savvy business owners who can look outside the big box and recognize the unique opportunities the County has to offer creative entrepreneurs. You have heard good things come in small packages, right? The County of Bath is the Tiffany of small packages. The County of Bath continues to benefit from the tourism economy that was created over 200 years ago when the mineral springs cast their seductive spell over early visitors to the region, clamoring to "take the waters" 

A popular second home destination for Charlottesville, Richmond and DC, the community is seeking individuals who want to join in the quality of life we enjoy every day while bringing unique businesses in the form of restaurants, outfitters, retail, galleries, maybe a kayak builder. 

Opening a business is easy and attractive in the County of Bath:

Personal property tax is $.35 per $100 assessed value.

Real Estate tax is $.50 per $100 assessed value.

The community has its own airport, Ingalls Field, the highest public use airport east of the Mississippi. With a runway of 5600' the airport can accommodate a 727, but most often now welcomes Gulfstream 5 and Saab 340. 

The community has its own 25 bed not-for-profit critical access hospital with 24 hour emergency care, diagnostic services, rehabilitative services and specialty clinics. 

Some of the attractions that make the County of Bath a special place to live and do business:

The County of Bath is 540 squares miles of beautiful mountain scenery. More than 89% of the county is forest land.  We are famous for our warm and hot springs.

We are home to the Omni Homestead Resort built in 1766 featuring two championship golf courses, fine dining, a year round water attraction and the original hot springs. Yes, George Washington really slept here, as did Jefferson, Eisenhower, and 22 other presidents. 

We offer high end real estate opportunities through our Homestead Owner's club and Natural Retreats. 

In addition to extraordinary natural beauty and wide variety of lodging and dining options, the County of Bath has a rich cultural life. First on the list is the Garth Newel Music center, where Bach meets Blues and Jazz.  Believing music and food feed the soul - Garth Newel offers gourmet meals as part of the concert experience. 

We are home to Warm Springs Fine Arts District, featuring fine arts and artisan galleries. 

We do not have a single stop light. 

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