Service Authority

The Bath County Service Authority was created in 1975 and is comprised of one member from each magisterial district within the County. The Authority provides water to the residents of Millboro, Bacova, Bacova Junction, Routier Hill, Clifton Forge Mountain, Ashwood, Chimney Run, West Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Mitchelltown along Route 220, Hot Springs, Thomastown, Pinehurst Heights, Crowdertown, Cedar Creek and Carloover areas, through a series of gravity and force main distribution water lines. Wastewater services are provided to the residents of Mitchelltown, Hot Springs, Ashwood, West Warm Springs, Thomastown, Pinehurst Heights, Crowdertown, Bacova, Bacova Junction, and Millboro.

The Authority has five wells, twelve storage tanks, and water purchase agreements with Millboro and Hot Springs water companies. The Authority operates three wastewater treatment plants and eleven pump stations.

The current members of the Bath County Service Authority are:

Bartlett L. Ailstock – Cedar Creek District
David Lindsay – Valley Springs District
Chad Carpenter – Millboro District
Greg Tuning – Williamsville District
Bart Perdue – Warm Springs District 

Contact Information:

Gene “Bugs” Phillips – Bath County Service Authority Administrator
Phone: (540)839-7251
Fax: (540)839-7298
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 98, Warm Springs, VA 24484
Physical Address: 65 Courthouse Hill Road, Warm Springs, VA 24484


Annual Drinking Water Reports 

Ashwood 2016

BC Regional 2016

Carloover 2016

Cedar Creek 2016

Millboro Industrial 2016

Thomastown 2016


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