Bath County Parks and Recreations main objective is to provide recreational opportunities for the citizens of the County. The Parks and Recreations Department operates two recreational pool facilities, a skate park and tennis courts. In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department coordinates youth and adult sports programs including soccer, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, basketball, fly fishing and archery. Senior programming includes day trips and exercise programs at the Bath Community Rehab and Wellness Center.

Contact Information:

Mark Nelson – Director
Dennis Maddow - Maintenance Assistant
Teresa Tinsley - Administrative Assistant 
Zach Madison - Maintenance Assistant 

Phone: (540)839-7211 or (540)839-7212
Fax: (540)839-5719

Mailing & Physical Address: 65 Panther Drive, Hot Springs, VA 24445

Ashwood Pool:
 Phone: (540)839-7212 
Address: 65 Panther Drive, Hot Springs, VA 24445

Millboro Pool:
Phone: (540)997-5505
Address: 280 Church Street, Millboro, VA 24460

Skate Park: 65 Panther Drive, Hot Springs, VA 24445

Tennis Courts are located adjacent to both pool facilities.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

Shannon Waldeck –  Representing the Millboro District - Term expires August 18, 2018
Shannon Boguess – Representing the Valley Springs District -Term expires August 18, 2018
Kristopher K. Phillips – Representing the Cedar Creek District - Term expires August 18, 2018
Craig A. Phillips – Representing the Warm Springs District-Term expires August 18, 2018
Rocklyn J. Phillips - Representing the Williamsville District-Term expires August 18, 2018
Matt Fussell – At large - Term expires August 18, 2018
Rickey Armstrong - At large - Term expires August 18, 2018 

Park and Recreation By-Laws-revised 9/13/2016